Friday, January 30, 2015

Free Printable Groundhog Day Snack Bag Topper

We are taking just a quick break from our Valentine's Day posts to bring you a fun printable freebie for Groundhog Day which is this coming Monday, February 2, 2015

Here is what you are going to need...


Groundhog Day Snack Bag Topper <--click this link to download/print
Snack Size Ziploc Bags
Snack Of Your Choice
Scissors Or Cutting Board
Stapler Or Double Sided Tape

Step One: 

Print bag toppers. 
Please feel free to take our printable file to an office store, like Staples to have them printed for you if you don't have a color printer at home. 

Step Two:

Cut out your toppers along the outer dark edge. 
Then fold your topper in half, long ways like a hotdog bun. 
The front side will be the mint colored Groundhog Day design and the back will be white with our logo.

Step Three:

Fill your snack bag with treats. We used Chocolate Chex since they were a good, light and dark treat. You know, like sunny and bright VS dark and gloomy weather or Spring to come VS 6 more weeks of Winter. 

Step Four:

Seal your snack bag then place a bag topper over the top of the snack bag. Use a stapler or double sided tape to adhere the topper to the bag. 

Now hand out and hope that Phil the groundhog predicts that Spring is on it's way. 

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