Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Heart Felt Cup Cozy Craft For Valentine's Day

A simple felt project for those who love coffee, tea even just a cup of hot cocoa.

Supplies needed for this project:

Heart Felt Cup Cozy Pattern <-- click to download
2+ sheets of felt (in different colors)
Embroidery Floss (optional)
Needle (optional)
Sharp Fabric Scissors
Flexible Fabric Glue (optional)

Cut out your pattern, then pin each paper piece to your felt. There are three different sizes of hearts for you to choose from.  Feel free to apply as many as you like and in as many colors as you like. It's all up to you how your cozy will look.

*HERE is where you make your choice, either sew your cozy together OR use fabric glue to put your cozy together. 
Glue Method: Attach your heart(s) to the center of the cozy, making sure not to over use the glue. Let dry completely.
Sewing Method: Secure heart with a simple running stitch or other decorative stitch. 

Sewing Method: Stitch your ends together using a whip stitch or a blanket stitch (we used the blanket stitch). 
Glue Method: Apply a single long bead of glue along the edge of one end. Then over lap the other end by only a 1/4 of an inch. Pin to secure until completely dried. 

Enjoy your festive felt cup cozy. Change up the decorative shapes and make a cup cozy for every holiday or special occasion. 
Our cute cups were bought at Target and are made by Cheeky.
We are kind of in love with Cheeky's colorful and stylish paper plates, cups and utensils AND the fact that they help donate meals to people right here in the United States when you purchase their products. Very cool!
Now that you see how easy it is to make these cozies, make one or two or 100 and show us your cup cozy creations on Instagram using #landofsquatles

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