Monday, February 2, 2015

Heart Felt Bookmark Craft For Valentine's Day

A simple felt bookmark that would be perfect for Valentine's Day. 

Heart Felt Bookmark Pattern <--- Click the link here to download/print the FREE pattern
Either Fabric Glue or A Needle & Thread

Step Two:

Cut out two felt hearts using the pattern

Step Three:

Sewing Method: Start sewing two hearts together, just below were the heart starts to curve up on the side, using either a whip stitch or a blanket stitch. See step four image to see which different to stitch. 

Glue Method: Glue along the outer edge of your bottom heart and place your second heart on top. Let dry for 12 hrs or according to glue instructions. 

Step Four:

Finishing stitching along bottom half of heart, leaving the top half open so you can stick your book page in between the layers. 

To mark your place, just stick the page you want to mark in between the layers of the heart. 

A fun little gift for anyone who loves to read! 

Our pattern also includes the pattern for decorative felt heart pencil toppers which we will be sharing on Wednesday. Stay tuned! 

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