Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Heart Felt Decorative Pencil Topper Craft For Valentine's Day

In a few easy steps dress up pencils or pens for Valentine's Day. 


Heart Felt Pencil Topper Pattern <--- Click the link here to download
Fabric Glue

Step One:

Cut a set of two (same size) heart for one pencil topper.

Take a pencil and place it on one of your hearts (the one that you will put glue on) to eyeball where the glue needs to go. 

Step Two:

Run a line of glue around one heart ( I show both sizes of hearts being glued here), making sure to leave your gap at the bottom where your pencil will go in. 

Place your second heart on top of the glued heart to create a "Sandwich". 

Wait 4+ hours (or per your glue's instructions) for glue to dry completely before placing on top of pencil. 

Voila! Super easy pencil toppers for Valentine's Day! 

Check out our Heart Felt Bookmark & our Heart Felt Cup Cozy crafts which would be cute paired with some decorated pencils and a book store gift card. 

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