Once upon a time, Queen Pamela was in search of some small sewing projects to fill up bits of free time. Not finding exactly what she wanted on the internet, she decided to take matters into her own hands. When Prince Tyler saw the Queen designing her own patterns, then bringing those paper pieces to life with felt and thread, he too wanted to create his own little creatures. With some sewing and digital design lessons, Tyler soon created his own stuffed character. The joy that the Queen and the Prince felt in creating such fun little friends together, they knew they had to share these little felt friends with others. In August of 2014 Squatles were born.

Squatles make perfect party favors, fun desk and or shelf decor and sweet little keepsakes. Since Squatles are stitched by hand, each little felt creature is unique with a personality of it's own.  Squatles do not stand up on their like, they have a special "super power", falling down. Squatles are unfortunately not safe for children under 3 years and definitely are not for pets. We love our little Squatles and we think you will too! 


Pamela is a wife, a mom, a design artist, a blogger, a crafter and a social media junky. Pamela started her crafty blogging career 10 years ago.  Her work has been featured by the likes of Martha Stewart's Craft Department and HGTV.  Pamela is the Mama behind the Squatles blog, shop and social media sites. She also designs, creates and styles Squatles and their packaging.


Tyler is a soon to be college student with a passion for photography, drawing and science.  Tyler designs and assembles Squatles, is in charge of shipping and is lead photographer.


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